Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vocabulary Development... Read, Read, Read; Talk, Talk, Talk


The understanding of the spoken and written word are crucial in your child’s development of language.  It is estimated that children need to acquire approximately 3,000 words each year to give them an academic edge. That is an astounding amount of words!   
So how do you proceed to help your child acquire new vocabulary?  The most current research suggests that reading to your child everyday and speaking with your child is key for the acquisition of new words.            
When you read with your child, discuss the characters, setting, plot and resolution of the story.  Apply the moral of the story to real-life experiences and current events.  As you speak with your child, use a rich,vibrant and full vocabulary to describe events, people and things.  
Reading helps both parent and child to learn new vocabularies and using  these words will help your child academically and socially.  For those reasons,  mastering the ability to effectively communicate leads to SUCCESS

Have fun learning,


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