Sunday, August 21, 2016

Figurative Language Lesson Plan

Click the link for the lesson:

Teachers First

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Inference Presentation

Hello Everyone,

As I was looking for items to help me to teach inferencing skills, I came across this great video presentation on this topic-Inferencing.  Take a look at it by clicking on the link.  I thought it was just what I needed.

*I added a graphic organizer as a freebie for all of you!*

Inference Presentation

Making Predictions Graphic Organizer



Monday, August 25, 2014

Twitter and Giveaway

Hi All!

I have a Twitter account and am learning how to use it.  If you're interested in "following" me, just click on the link below.  Also, I just entered a "Back to School Giveaway" and I need your help to win!  What is so wonderful about this is- if I win and you join the contest via my link, you can win also. What is the prize?  An Apple iPad and mini iPad.  Follow the link for the complete rules.


Help me win an iPad and enter yourself

Stay tuned for more sharing of activities and ideas!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Sign of Summer- INSECTS! UPDATED

Today is a whooping 63 degrees and cloudy! Sure doesn't feel like Summer is around the corner in my region.  I've been patienlty waiting for Spring and only had a few days of it.  This Winter was brutal and it seems like Spring just passed us by, only for a short visit.  I'm wondering if Summer is just around the corner-I mean it's June already!!!  :)

Well, a sure sign of Summer is watching insects crawl and creep around.  To celebrate the upcoming summer months-if and when it arrives-I made a couple of activities.  One is an Insect Acrostic, the other is a booklet about grasshoppers.  I hope you can use it and I'm really crossing my fingers that I'll see that sun shine really soon!  Click on the links for the activities.  Hope you all have a great,
fun-filled summer season!

Acrostic Insect

Asking 2 questions about Inscets (Scene)

Asking 2 questions about Ants (Scene)

Grasshopper Booklet

Butterfly Booklet

Butterflies Short Story and Comprehension

Ants Booklet



Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hi Everyone,

I haven't been blogging for a bit-life can get really hectic!  I wanted to share something with all of you.  I found this cute website, which has useful templates for making nifty  power point games. Create your own games and use your own content for your students.  It's such fun!  Below is a link to the website and I have also added a game I created, on power point, utilizing one of their templates.  Hope you can use it.

Tiny TELF Teacher

ODD ONE OUT GAME UPDATED (4th-6th grade)



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Freebie

Get your copy of "Leprechaun Language" by clicking the link.  The activity includes:  Sorting common nouns, proper nouns and pronouns, underline correct pronouns, wrtie the contraction, ask three questions about a picture, prefix and suffix activity, fact or opinion, sort words into nouns, verbs and adjectives, Shamrock graphic organzer.  All the tasks are themed around Leprechauns and St. Patrick's Day.  I hope your students enjoy this activity.

Clipart courtesy of:

Leprechaun Language

Have fun learning,


Monday, January 27, 2014

Alphaboxes :Valentine's Day Theme

Hi Again,

Alphaboxes, created by Lynda Hoyt, is a wonderful nifty idea that may be utilized in various ways.  Alphaboxes is commonly used as a strategy to activate prior knowledge, build vocabulary, and build comprehension.  Many educators use this tool as a formative assessment. 

How I Use Alphaboxes:

I use alphaboxes to introduce a topic or category during my sessions.  I create a table with 4 columns boxes across and 6 rows of boxes,  Each box is labeled with a letter of the alphabet, from a-z. I created a space at the top of the page to include a topic.  The students generate or brainstorm words beginning with the letter in the box and are associated with the topic.  For example, if the TOPIC is TRANSPORTATION, and the first box is the letter "A" the  students have to think of transportaion items beginning with the  letter in the box- AIRPLANE.  Click the link to view an example of one.  I had my students look for pictures and paste it into the box- so it can be used in various manners and modified.


Alphaboxes and Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays so I created Alphaboxes with this theme in mind.  Today I'll offer you this activity as a freebie!  Just click on the link... :)


I wish you all happiness and LOVE, today and always.