Monday, March 18, 2013

Building Oral Language

Building Oral Language
  Building oral language is a central component with developing reading and writing skills in children.  Research in this area has indicated that there is a strong correlation with oral language, reading, writing and also thinking.
  Let’s take a look at four areas that make up oral language and a very simple description for each:
·         Phonological Development:   This includes identifying, locating and manipulating sounds.  The structure of sounds include: syllables, onsets and rimes and phonemes.
·         Semantics:  The meaning or relationship of meanings of a sign/symbol or words.
·         Syntax:  Function and grammar of language/words.
·         Pragmatics:  The social language that involves learning rules of acceptable behavior and interaction with others.
Reading, writing and thinking require all four areas.  Therefore, the development of oral language skills is crucial to work on during all grade levels.
Activities that enhance oral language development
During the early school years there are many activities that can promote oral language.  These are just a few of many.
·         Songs
·         Games
·         Dramatization of Poetry
·         Show and Tell
·         Riddles and Jokes
To get you started with developing oral language skills in children, click on the link and grab a free game.  It’s useful and loads of fun!

Stay tuned for a new unit on oral language that I will be adding to my TpT store.  It'll be out by the end of the week!

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