Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Listening is Fundamental

Hi All,

     It's been a little while since my last post.  It gets really busy during this time of year for me.  For this post I'd like to focus on listening skills.

      Developing listening skills in early childhood is very important.  Listening is a skill needed to acquire language and reading skills.  For some children, listening becomes a bit challenging when they enter school.  Think about your early years in school.  How many directions did your teacher give throughout the day?

       Listening is vital to help with gaining new information and also improving interpersonal relationships with others.  To help your child with increasing listening skills you can do very simple tasks with them.

1. Play a directions game- Hide some toys around the house and describe where the toys are located. Make sure to tell your child to "Listen Carefully",

2.  Read rhymes to your child.  Ask your child to say a word that rhymes with another.

3.  Make noise-  Tell your child to close their eyes.  Pick up objects with familiar sounds and make the sound with the object.  Have your child guess the object that corresponds with the child.

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      Listening is a fundamental skill that lasts for a lifetime.

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