Friday, December 27, 2013

Creating your own ClipArt and Icons with Microsoft PowerPoint


Are you ready to set some attainable goals for yourself in 2014? I sure am.  One of my professional goals is to learn how to create my own clip art.  I've been searching for software that I can learn how to use.  I've found a few options, but it is quite of an investment for me at this time.  During my 'searches' I viewed a youtube video on creating clip art and icons with Microsoft PowerPoint.  Personally, this is a wonderful option for me, as PowerPoint is accessible, affordable ( it's part of my computer programs anyway ) and best of all I know how to use it!  I am sharing the video with you!   I can't wait to try it!   :)    Enjoy!

I hope some of you find this useful and that you will be able to reach your personal and professional goals in 2014!

Happy New Year,


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