Sunday, December 29, 2013

Exit Ticket

Exit Ticket

An 'Exit Ticket' is a strategy that helps students to summarize and reflect upon information learned during a lesson.  

 An 'Exit Ticket' helps students to:

*  review key ideas

* summarize their thinking in a few words or sentences

An 'Exit Ticket' helps educators to:

* evaluate the effectiveness of a teaching process

* create an informal tool to measure a student's understanding of a lesson or a concept

There are several templates and types of  exit tickets that are offered in the internet that you may download.  Also, there is a wonderful website that helps you to create exit tickets digitally.  Educators can register for free, plus there are videos that guide you through the process of creating exit tickets. 

This is the website, The Exit Ticket Student Response System:

Below I have offered an 'exit ticket' I created.  It is mostly visual, due to the needs of some of my students.  Click on the link.

I hope this is useful!



  1. Thanks for the great post! also has a lot of professional development materials in the "Toolkit" to help get started:

  2. Thank you..It seems like an amazing website!