Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Getting to Know You (Conversation Skills)

If you ever had a young student with a language delay, I'm sure you have observed that it can be difficult for that child to find the words that are necessary to initiate friendships or  to begin a simple conversation.

When I teach these students I begin by setting up a very simple story that explains how to start a conversation.  The story is 3-4 sentences and describes the steps that he/she can use to get a peer's attention.  Skills such as asking questions, choosing different topics and turn-taking are scripted and broken down into steps.  I have observed that use a guide or script or breaking down each task helps the student to internalize the skill.  With consistent repetition and using different scenarios and situations, the student can make valuable gains.

Below I have provided a link to one of the activities I use with my students that lack basic conversational skills.

Getting to Know You



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