Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun, interaction, connection and conversation during Family Game Night!  Family game night is such a fun way to positively interact with your children at any age.  Lately, I've been designating Friday or Saturday night to have a little fun with my kiddos, a special day to play games, laugh and relax.  Since my children are getting older and not younger, I want to continue creating a bond and learn more about them and consequently family game night has helped me with this particular mission.

In fact, research indicates that family interaction promotes better grades in school and healthier relationships.  Creating a bond with your children is very important for their development, academically and socially.

 There are such benefits to playing games:

*Games encourage conversation
*Games encourage turn-taking skills
*Games encourage learn to be a good sport
*Games encourage following instructions
*Games encourage sharing
*Games encourage practicing skills already taught
*Games encourage questioning, organization and logical skills

Obviously, the perks of playing a game are many, but the best advantage of all is the quality time you get to spend with your children.  Moreover, for teachers, the benefits  of playing games in the classroom are the skills  and confidence your students gain.  Imagine all the concepts you can review during this time.

There is a game in particular which I love and want to share with you, since I'm all about sharing.  It was introduced to me by one of the counselors where I work.  I used it with my students and I was really happy with how they responded.  Particularly the upper middle school students and high school students.  Using the game below, my students were able to answer questions, discuss their goals and have a very enlightening conversation with me.  I was elated since my goals for each of them was to improve conversational skills.

This game helped my students by encouraging conversation.
I'll be using it soon with my own children during Family Game Night!

Make sure to 'game' with your children or students.  It's interactive, fun, and an engaging way to get to know your kiddos better.

Have fun learning!

All the best to you,

Beverly       :)

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