Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Being Compassionate

I need a little compassion in my life.  Lately, not sure why, I've experienced some very disappointing encounters with people.  The lack of empathy and compassion demonstrated have left me astonished.  It seems more prevalent today, to abstain from showing kindness, understanding, patience and benevolence towards people.  I consider how this will effect the behavior of our children.   As adults, if we lack the skill to put ourselves in another person's place/situation, we will not be able to teach and expect our children to demonstrate empathy towards others.

This experience has really made me think.  How can I teach children the concept of having compassion and empathy?

  My pathway to this journey may take a while, but I've started with a very simple graphic organizer.  I thought about various terms to use during teaching this concept, and narrowed it down to four terms that young children can grasp quickly.

Four terms to describe compassion

1) kindness

2) patience

3) understanding

4) helpful

As educators/clinicians, we have a unique opportunity to teach skills which may be lagging.  My hope is that we can all be responsible enough to begin to teach important character traits that are necessary to sustain intimate relationships and friendships.  At least, I can turn a dismal experience into a lesson to enrich the lives of children.

Click on the link to access the activity.

I hope you all can use this in your classrooms or therapeutic settings.



  1. It seems like people have lost this ability. Unfortunate but very true. We can do the best we can in teaching our own children. But even then, since we can't be with them twenty-four hours away it is difficult to keep them on the road of caring and understanding towards others.

    1. I believe that we can address this, even with our own children, by taking advantage of teachable moments. We can also use books that have some type of moral lesson and have a conversation and use examples from the media, our community etc. Thank you for your comment E.G. Friday!