Monday, November 4, 2013

Honoring our Veterans

Veteran's day is near and dear to my heart.  My dad served in the Vietnam War and was also part of the national guard after the war.  He continued honoring his country most of his life.  I remember many weekends and summers that my dad would go to serve and protect our country, the United States of America. 
He was so very proud to be part of the US Military and took his role, of course, very seriously.  I learned to honor, and love this country because of my father.  He was and still is the epitome of what God, family and country represents.  My dad still honors this country.  Every Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, he flies the American Flag in front of his house with great pride and joy.  Others from his neighborhood took note and began to honor veteran's in the same format.  If you walk down his block, you'll see many flags displayed in front of homes.
I would like to take some time to honor all our veteran's both living and dead.  I cannot demonstrate all the appreciation and gratitude I have for all who have served our country.  I can however, do what I do best and create an activity, so the next generation can understand how important our military personnel are to this country.
I created a small booklet about Veteran's Day.  It's very simple and to the point.  If you will like to use it for your students or children, please feel free to download the booklet.  Just click on the link.
On November 11th, remember to say thank you to a veteran.  They deserve it!
Enjoy the activity!

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