Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grandma Loves a Taste of Synonyms

It's Finally Here!

Looking to work on synonyms during Thanksgiving? This packet will help you to work on this skill with your students. The packet is themed around a Grandmother whom is preparing a Thanksgiving feast. Your students help Grandma choose the best words to use for her menu. In the end, your students will write the menu using the words they have learned.

The packet includes: 
Grandma's Dessert- Choose the synonyms that describes a sweet pie.
Write a sentence that describes Grandma's pie.
Tasty Turkey- Choose synonyms for the word tasty. Add wings on the turkey.
Squish Squash- Take a survey and find out who enjoys eating squishy squash. Answer questions using survey results.
Graphic Organizer and Chart
Describe the Delicious Turkey
Choose the Synonym-Read the sentences and choose a synonym for the indicated word.
Write the Menu- A template is provided for students to create a Thanksgiving Menu.

It's all in black and white so your students can be creative and use their artistic skills!

I also have a freebie available as a preview. (Booklet format)


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